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A Research Program of the Asian Network of
Training and Research Institutions in Educational Planning (ANTRIEP)

Concern for quality improvement coupled with decentralization of educational governance and introduction of school-based management has brought into focus the importance of effective school management in general and the role of the school head in particular. Consequently the school management framework in many countries of the region is undergoing significant transformation with direct implications for in-school management processes, community school linkages, the role of the head teacher as well as external support and accountability mechanisms. While some measures to improve school management could be initiated through system-wide reforms, others require a focus on local level efforts nearer to the school site. Though the nature of changes will vary among different countries, the move to redefine the roles of different stakeholders in the management of schools is easily discernible in both developed and developing countries.




Several questions are worth examining in more detail. What measures really lead to a significant change in the school management process? How have various measures influenced the role of head teachers? Do the changes have system-wide implications? Are they sustainable in the long run? Which of the changes are school specific innovations? Are there elements emerging from these innovations that could be adopted on a large scale? These questions are of direct relevance for ensuring that initiatives help improve the quality of schooling, in terms of effectiveness of the instructional processes and with regard to improving management processes at the school level. It is proposed that these and other related issues be explored in different countries of Asia through the member institutions of ANTRIEP.





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